We now have our own server up and running, and are in the beginning stages of building the web pages.  As we continue to work on the c5corvette web site, please return to see the changes and new additions.

Our goal at www.c5corvette.com is to create a membership of all C5 corvette owners. That will act like a home Owners Association., or a Worker's Union, enabling us to work as a group for common goals.

This will give us the power of many to address problems we may all be experiencing, or obtaining things in volume we may all need.

This will also be a place that we can share our comments and experiences. We will make this available not only for each other, but for anyone that may want to know a C5 owner's point of view. This will provide insight into what they could expect when becoming a C5 corvette owner.

We urge you to visit our site and please continue to send your comments and suggestions by visiting our visitor's page.

If you drop us a note or leave us a way to reach you, we will send you a notice when add new pages and services at www.c5corvette.com.

So 'til then, thanks for surfing up, and happy Vetting!!

Richard T. Holder